Saturday, August 2, 2014

Class three is done. Get ready for English Comp.

Wow, it has been a great time so far.  I have taken the tour at Full Sail.  Although I am an online student I am close enough that I just got to go check them out.  Our tour guide was wonderful, Towan was friendly and very helpful.  Several of our group were from Iowa, so he made sure to rearrange our tour to keep them in the air conditioning as much as possible. 
These simple steps with high heat and steamy conditions after a rain made the event fun and personal.  He took us through a lot of the back lot, classrooms, sound stages and many more.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A new Batchlors Degree in Graphic Design.

 Working on class three at Full Sail.  This was an assignment to show a graphic vision of myself.  
My classes at Full sail are just starting, but there are a lot of great people and wonderful information.
I look forward to a lot of more information and projects to come.