Thursday, July 21, 2016

Finding Strength

I kept an eye on the news feed from the authorities and read over the names of the confirmed dead, in shock and a bit of relief.  The I felt ashamed because I did not know the people who had passed.  My heart cried over the families who were going through so much.  I did not know if my uncle was in Orlando, but not knowing was hard too.

It took a week, to find out that my uncle had been delayed in leaving home.  His traveling companion had gotten sick and they delayed their leaving.  I was relieved on a personal level, but had so much empathy for those who were still going through the process of grief, internment of the dead and the hospitalization of the injured.

The community has come together.  Memorials and events, even flowers along the road to the Nightclub are helping people to process the event.

The local art store, Sam Flax Orlando and their suppliers have offered to help artists with their #PaintStrongOrlando.  The #Orlando Strong movement with the artist community.  I immediately volunteered to join them in creating memorials for the community.

My work is a mixed media piece with a mix of Zentangle patterns.
Starting my #PaintStrongOrlando piece, acrylic paint in watercolor style.

Supplies from #SamFlax for #OrlandoStrong

The Monday After

Some may ask why I took until July to write about the events of my Birthday and the Pulse Nightclub shooting.  Honestly it took a while to process and to decide to write about it.  My blog was supposed to be a place to post about my art.  But it is becoming something more personal.  Like this event it becomes something personal for me.

After the initial shock of the events of the day, I thought about my uncle, who was involved in the entertainment community and had lived in Orlando when he first retired and moved down to Florida. I thought he might know some of the people at the Pulse, so I tried to call him Sunday night and could not get hold of him.  I called his sister, my mother in law, she said he was not home, he had said he was heading up to visit friends.  Then the panic set in.  All he had said was he was heading north, we are north of his current home, but not wanting to alarm mom, I did not mention why I was trying to get hold of him.

Monday, still not knowing who all were dead or who was injured, I had to go to work.  I am a part time floral designer for Michael's Craft store in Winter Park.  Two of my co-workers were supposed to be at the club that night and for various reasons did not make it.  I could not share my fears about my uncle, but all I could do is pray and keep working.  Rainbows and Love were all I could concentrate on.
#OrlandoStrong #LetLoveWin

My Birthday not what was Expected

Last month I celebrated my birthday at Disney with friends.  So that everyone could go, we decided to celebrate on the Sunday before(Sunday after was Father's day).  Unfortunately that meant it was a day that did not go as planned for many people.

Sunday June 12th became known to the world as the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub.  Many lives were changed by that day.  Forty-nine killed and many more injured.  The lives of those who survived and the families of those who did not, even the community of the people in the area have been changed forever.

While at Disney we listened to news reports on social media and streamed news reports with our smart phones.  We reached a decision to leave the park and as a group go to donate blood.  Unfortunately we were part of the people who were turned away because of the community outreach had already gone beyond the blood bank's supplies.  We did however make appointments to give blood at a later time.  On Sunday, the reality of the event had not really sunk in yet.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Finding money when you are working from home.

I have been working free lance for a while.  Currently I am going back to school to update my skills, this means money is a bit tight.  I started looking at blogs of stay at home moms.  Many have found ways to stretch the money they have coming in.  One of these blogs introduced me to Tradesy, a designer shop that resells designer clothes.  There are ways to earn free credit, sell the clothing and accessories that are in your closet.  You can also earn credit by connecting your friends to their website too.  Hey I am an artist, not a sales person, so check it out for yourself.  I used my first credit and got a Coldwater Creek skirt for just the price of shipping.  Click the link, earn money for you and for me.  Its a win win.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Illustration Friday Challenge "Strong"

To me the strongest force on earth is the Strength found in Family.  The bond of love between Father and Son, Mother and Daughter.  These bonds made by birth or by love when a child is adopted are the foundation of what makes us strong inside as well as the power shared when Love is shared.