Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Tanglation of Hypnotic

I was taking a class with CZT Debbie Perdue.  I ended up with a tanglation of Hypnotic, we liked the tanglation and I decided to share it.  The original from Elena Hadzijaneva starts with a grid work, then in each square a dot ripples out with auras to the edge of the square.  My simple change was an unintentional deviation.  I ended up with two to three dots in each square.  The result is a little change but still looks good.  the outside details are Rick's Paradox.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blogging for Good. 
Check out this link.  These are local charities looking for blogger support.  Do you want to help with stamping out hunger, or do you want to support the arts, or is the Orlando Science Museum your taste?  This is us, the little people, not the corporations, stretch your boundaries and share a few lines to help a need.

Tweet with the hashtag #CFLgood and let your friends know.  The power is in your hands. I try to support the Second Harvest Food bank all the time, i share food whenever I can.  However as an artist I also support the United Artists, they help get art to all of our community

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art Walk in Saint Augustine

Please check out my article for

Yoga for your Brain

Sandy Steen Batholomew's book has been the topic of reading lately.  It is a wonderful primer for the tangle artist.  Sandy reviews the steps of Zentangle's method created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts.  This book breaks down several design concepts including why adding shading works.  She is very detailed with her explanations and I have been having fun trying a few new tangles.  The ones here are called Muffit and Tuffit.

Friday, September 7, 2012

School is back in

For those who know me, the beginning of school is a busy time.  I work for a Christian school as a teacher.  I am finishing a few commissions and moving forward with building my freelance company back up.  Last Tuesday I visited with the Central Florida Chapter of NAPW.  this group of Professional Businesswomen are a network of contacts to help promote free enterprise.  I was able to meet a few people who I may be able to help with their projects while also rebuilding my resume of works.  Last Sunday, while we were on our way to visit family,  we stopped in St. Augustine and wondered around "Old Town" and several of the galleries.  Please check out my article once it's published at