Saturday, July 23, 2011

A rose by any other name...

They're not roses but these Prima flowers are green, sage to dark green.  I needed some in blue, but did not have the money go be tempted at the store.  I mean who can ever go to the craft store and buy only one thing?  So I looked at what my options were.  I know a lot of kits now come with white flowers that you can color to coordinate with your layouts.  I have Prisma Color permanent Markers.  So I used my needle tool and embossing to to straiten out the flowers, then held the flower with the needle tool and used the markers to color the petals.  I worked from the center outwards in case there were any streaks.  Since some of the green flowers were darker than others some of the flowers were darker once dyed with the markers.  However the finished product seemed to work well.  Once dry, the flowers were smooth colored and very vibrant.

Scrapin' Sisters

The Scrapin' Sisters group meet on the third Friday and Saturday at the Salvation Army on Colonial Drive.  This small group meet to share stories, work on their albums and to do paper crafts.  This small group is looking for others interested in joining them for their monthly crops.  This is the second crop that I was able to join them.  If you are interested in joining the crop in August, look for them on Facebook for schedules and times.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time seems to slip away.

I keep looking at my blog and seeing the date get further and further behind I have taken several photos and scanned some art. But I need to get them on my page. The iPad let's me add text, but I need to download the pictures from my PC. I guess that needs to be a priority tomorrow. I guess I should be glad I'm spending more time creating and not just posting. However I really need to organize my time and do both.

Friday, July 1, 2011

JULY 1, 2011

My tag was not completely dry (the white.) I worked outside my comfort zone, the background of the tag is decorated using a method called Zentangle (drawing style new to me) Then I embellished the tag using Alene's Tacky Glue to make an image lift.  The dry paper is soaked for a couple of minutes in water and the paper backing is rubbed off leaving just the color image. The stamps are preinked and I think from Making Memories.
Learn more about Zentangles at It opens the creative mind for everyone no matter the level of experience.