Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Monday After

Some may ask why I took until July to write about the events of my Birthday and the Pulse Nightclub shooting.  Honestly it took a while to process and to decide to write about it.  My blog was supposed to be a place to post about my art.  But it is becoming something more personal.  Like this event it becomes something personal for me.

After the initial shock of the events of the day, I thought about my uncle, who was involved in the entertainment community and had lived in Orlando when he first retired and moved down to Florida. I thought he might know some of the people at the Pulse, so I tried to call him Sunday night and could not get hold of him.  I called his sister, my mother in law, she said he was not home, he had said he was heading up to visit friends.  Then the panic set in.  All he had said was he was heading north, we are north of his current home, but not wanting to alarm mom, I did not mention why I was trying to get hold of him.

Monday, still not knowing who all were dead or who was injured, I had to go to work.  I am a part time floral designer for Michael's Craft store in Winter Park.  Two of my co-workers were supposed to be at the club that night and for various reasons did not make it.  I could not share my fears about my uncle, but all I could do is pray and keep working.  Rainbows and Love were all I could concentrate on.
#OrlandoStrong #LetLoveWin

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