Thursday, July 21, 2016

My Birthday not what was Expected

Last month I celebrated my birthday at Disney with friends.  So that everyone could go, we decided to celebrate on the Sunday before(Sunday after was Father's day).  Unfortunately that meant it was a day that did not go as planned for many people.

Sunday June 12th became known to the world as the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub.  Many lives were changed by that day.  Forty-nine killed and many more injured.  The lives of those who survived and the families of those who did not, even the community of the people in the area have been changed forever.

While at Disney we listened to news reports on social media and streamed news reports with our smart phones.  We reached a decision to leave the park and as a group go to donate blood.  Unfortunately we were part of the people who were turned away because of the community outreach had already gone beyond the blood bank's supplies.  We did however make appointments to give blood at a later time.  On Sunday, the reality of the event had not really sunk in yet.

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