Thursday, July 21, 2016

Finding Strength

I kept an eye on the news feed from the authorities and read over the names of the confirmed dead, in shock and a bit of relief.  The I felt ashamed because I did not know the people who had passed.  My heart cried over the families who were going through so much.  I did not know if my uncle was in Orlando, but not knowing was hard too.

It took a week, to find out that my uncle had been delayed in leaving home.  His traveling companion had gotten sick and they delayed their leaving.  I was relieved on a personal level, but had so much empathy for those who were still going through the process of grief, internment of the dead and the hospitalization of the injured.

The community has come together.  Memorials and events, even flowers along the road to the Nightclub are helping people to process the event.

The local art store, Sam Flax Orlando and their suppliers have offered to help artists with their #PaintStrongOrlando.  The #Orlando Strong movement with the artist community.  I immediately volunteered to join them in creating memorials for the community.

My work is a mixed media piece with a mix of Zentangle patterns.
Starting my #PaintStrongOrlando piece, acrylic paint in watercolor style.

Supplies from #SamFlax for #OrlandoStrong

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