Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day a memory

As pictured, Me, Chris (Mom), Anna and Marilyn 
We went to lunch and spent some time together.  Mom was diagnosed with Leukemia February 12, 2013  and on April 10th, she passed from a heart failure.  She would have been 81 April 17.  This was a hard Mother's Day, not to say I was upset that she is in heaven.  That I know is true, it is knowing my partner, my best friend, my creative backer and precious confidant is unavailable to work with me.  I am just thankful that we had long enough for us to mend the fences that my adolescence damaged.  We spent a long time discussing the hopes and dreams of our company, planning the website, and starting to produce stock.  Now the plans have changed, but they have not been stopped.  Check out the website (still under construction): pjwaldropstudios.com

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