Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yoga for your Brain

Sandy Steen Batholomew's book has been the topic of reading lately.  It is a wonderful primer for the tangle artist.  Sandy reviews the steps of Zentangle's method created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts.  This book breaks down several design concepts including why adding shading works.  She is very detailed with her explanations and I have been having fun trying a few new tangles.  The ones here are called Muffit and Tuffit.


  1. Someone asked why many of my tangles have a colored background. I practice upcycling. That means I reuse and recycle. The cardstock I practice on is Manilla File Folders. I cut many of them up to make ATC cards to hand out. They are a good surface and I am keeping these old folders from ending up in the recycling bion. They might get there later, meanwhile I practice tangles and painting techniques on them.