Friday, June 29, 2012

new button

Hi, I am not sure if you have noticed the new button on the left side.  Yeah that one that says donate.  This has been a weird time for me.  I have several commissions that I have done for people.  I was asked if they could donate for my time and effort.  I was happy to help them out but I did not think about payment.  I love to do art and I love to be recognized for my work.  Being paid has usually been large works done for hire.  However if it is a smaller work, how could someone offer to pay me?  Well that's where the button came from.  I have a paypal account, I sell on ebay.  But I added it here to offer a way to connect the payment option.  I am an artist after all and sometimes the donations keep me from being a starving artist.  So for those who help me to keep my art going, thank you.

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